Graham School will provide a vibrant learning environment where all students are presented with stimulating challenges to awaken their curiosity and imagination.

Graham School - Inspiring individuals to

  • Realise their potential.
  • Fulfil their dreams
  • Achieve their best

Every member of the school community has a stake in the school; every stakeholder can expect certain things of the school just as the school can expect certain things of every stakeholder.

We have expressed this in the form of two charters; a Student Charter and a Staff Charter. These charters were drawn up, written and agreed by the stakeholders concerned.

Everyone at Graham School has a right

  • to learn and to teach in a peaceful and safe environment
  • to expect that they and their belongings will be treated with respect
  • to be treated with consideration, courtesy and respect

Everyone at Graham School has a responsibility

  • to ensure they do not disturb the learning and teaching of others
  • to be honest and to respect others and their belongings
  • to treat everyone with consideration, courtesy and respect¬†


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What are people saying about
Graham School?

"There is a sharp focus on improving outcomes for pupils."

Ofsted, November 2015

Last Updated November 2, 2015