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Subject Specifications

A full list of subject specifications is available on our Curriculum Page

Awarding Bodies

At KS4 the school currently offers examination subjects from the following Awarding Bodies;

Student Documents

Private Candidates

For Child Protection reasons, Graham School does not accept private candidates.

Headline Figures

DfE School Performance Table

Performance Indicator2017

Strong Pass or better in English & maths GCSEs


Strong Pass or better in all English Baccalaureate qualifications

Progress 8 -0.71
Attainment 8 36.1
Staying in education, or entered employment after KS4 91%

Validated Results

What is Progress 8?

Progress 8 is the Government's way of measuring how well students make progress at secondary school. The Progress 8 score tells you how well students in a school do, wether they get better or worse grades, compared to pupils in other schools.