Graham School will provide a vibrant learning environment where all students are presented with stimulating challenges to awaken their curiosity and imagination.

Graham School - Inspiring individuals to

  • Realise their potential.
  • Fulfil their dreams
  • Achieve their best

In the 2012/13 School Year staff and students worked together to create a vision statement that expressed our ambition for the students and staff at Graham School.

Every member of the school community has a stake in the school; every stakeholder can expect certain things of the school just as the school can expect certain things of every stakeholder.

We have expressed this in the form of two charters; a Student Charter and a Staff Charter. These charters were drawn up, written and agreed by the stakeholders concerned.

Student Charter

For our students, Graham School will:

  • Provide consistently good teaching
  • Never give up on students
  • Support students suffering from illness, both mental and physical
  • Provide a variety of learning opportunities in a variety of different styles
  • Reward students who consistently make a good effort and behave well

For Graham School, every student will:

  • Strive to be the best they can be
  • Respect all staff equally
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Stand up for their beliefs
  • Be prepared to participate

Staff Charter

For our staff, Graham School will:

  • Provide clear, honest and open dialogue
  • Ensure that all staff are equally respected, supported, cared for and given a voice
  • Recognise staff contributions and those who go the extra mile
  • Have realistic expectations in keeping with work-life balance
  • Recognise and develop the potential in all staff

For Graham School, every member of staff will:

  • Provide and contribute to consistently effective teaching and learning
  • Fulfil their professional obligations with integrity
  • Create an inspirational and safe environment
  • Forge creative links with the wider community
  • Take control of their own professional development


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Last Updated March 16, 2015